European Media/EU Globalists Still Trying To Link Populist Movements To Russia As They Are Scared Of Losing Power

European Media/EU Globalists Still Trying To Link Populist Movements To Russia As They Are Scared Of Losing Power
The Russian Colossus
French caricature of Nicholas I and the Crimean War

The globalist media is abuzz this morning with coordinated attacks on the ‘Russian Colossus’ and its portrayed attempts to sway public opinion in the West, against the valiant forces of liberalism and Marxism flowering across The Continent.

Let me say one thing right up front — I have no doubt that Russia is trying to sway public opinion and politics in Europe and the United States. This is a given. It is in their genes. They have been doing this since the days of Stalin; it was much more prominent during Soviet times, as the Kremlin pushed its communist propaganda into our mainstream thought.

However, the howling of the Leftist media and their EU politician brethren is really getting ridiculous. We won the Cold War for God’s sake. We are a strong culture (or maybe used to be) and value freedom of speech and liberty (or maybe used to). Of course we should be wary of outright propaganda but it is embarrassing that the West can’t handle a few Facebook pages and Twitter bots, no matter how many trolls the Internet Research Agency has toiling away in their troll farms somewhere in the middle of the Russian Federation.

The real problem these politicians and the corrupt media have is they cannot stomach losing power to the populist forces rising up against their intentional destruction of Western culture and the security of its people. They conveniently seek to tie anyone threatening their hold on power to the Kremlin and its evil minions.

“Russia and Europe’s far-right political parties are using the same fear tactics to influence crucial European Parliament elections to be held May 23 to 26. The New York Times reports that servers used to launch attacks against the Democratic National Committee in the 2016 U.S. elections are now hosting websites used by far-right parties in Germany and Italy,” writes The Daily Beast.

“Less than two weeks before pivotal elections for the European Parliament, a constellation of websites and social media accounts linked to Russia or far-right groups is spreading disinformation, encouraging discord and amplifying distrust in the centrist parties that have governed for decades,” writes The Independent.

Now that’s some damn good propaganda. They are amplifying distrust in the centrist parties that have governed for decades’!

The horror! How dare they question communist Brussels and its divine opinion! To the gallows they go!

As Tucker Carlson famously says, “Russia!”

If Western leaders and their trillions in wealth don’t have the ability to stand up to a few hundred thousand spent on Facebook ads then they deserve to be replaced.

How about enacting policies that the people want? How about ceasing to destroy people’s lives? How about stopping force-feeding our children a bunch of communist bunk?

I firmly believe the real danger here is not Russia but communist China, who has been infecting our education system and media with Marxist poison for decades. The Chicoms want communism to come out on top. They made a good run for it; however, the people are rising up in Europe as they have in America. It is only a matter of time before these seditious villainous politicians lose their bureaucratic power in Brussels and other capitals.

The sooner the better for all of us.

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