Zelensky Advisor Shock Admission: Goal Is For Russia To ‘Cease To Exist As A Country’

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Joe Biden has created a Frankenstein’s Monster — Ukraine is out of control.

With WW3 in the balance — and the US committed to paying for Ukraine’s defence — a Zelensky advisor shoots his mouth off stating this is a war for Russia’s existence — and Russia will lose.

While Biden is in Vilnius trying to tamper down the catastrophe he created, Team Tenpercentskyy goes on record stating that this time next year “Russia will have completely lost its subjectivity and will cease to exist as a country capable of waging any wars.” This is insanity…

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Dano S. July 13, 2023 at 6:19 am

What a coincidence. That is NATO’s goal for Russia too. Unfortunately, they may kill us all trying to achieve their goal.

Christian Stormark July 14, 2023 at 2:57 am

Yes, in fact that was the goal of Hitler and his nazis. They too wanted all the raw materials and the “bread basket” of Ukraine and what not. Besides they wanted to “clean” western Russia of it’s population and size the industry. You know kind of colonize Russia all the way to Ural. Does it sound familiar? well, that’s cuz you heard from Nuland and these guys. And isn’t that a coincidence that neo-nazis are farting around in Ukraine and in fact in Europe waving Bandera’s disgusting flag? No, it’s no coincidence. These guys and their followers are coming out from their holes smelling their idears is having a ranaissance. Think about that. And in western russia where german and in fact european expansionism has raged for most of the twentieth century and into the twentieth first. What does that tell about our european and american leaders? Where’s the respect for Russia and its people and its thousand years long history. Who took down Hitler’s armies? As disgusting as the Stalin Ara was, it was in fact Stalin who at enormous costs kept fighting Hitlers Armies to save Mother Russia, and in fact Europe. Why is US/EU/NATO still obsessed by the idears of dismantling Russia and ripping it of it wast wealth? These idears go back before the 1917 coup and into the ninetenth century where western powers saw that zarism was weakening. Of cause it’s greed. As always. But why are they still covering this mortal sin in these old and failed ideoligies. How can the people of US and Europe not see through fake profets like Nuland, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitch, The Bushes and their likes. They are named neo-cons, as if they somehow represent some new conservatism. Why isn’t that heresy taken down? Think about 1991 and the following years of deep peril in Russia. Unfortunately for US/EU/NATO Russia and its people are made from a certain material and they have been strengtened during the horrors of the twentieth century. Russia had the Orthodox Church and in fact true conservatism. The West not so much. It seems, it’s US/EU/NATO that’s going down. The Holy Spirith has left The West, and it’s now the victim of all the devilish ideologies of the Enlightenment. God look upon The West with mercy and save us from the Devil. Are we to go through a hundred years of suffering? It sure seems so. There is no will to be found anywhere in US or Europe to fight the evil forces, who has caught the mind of our leaders. The people of Europe seems unwilling to fight in a war against Russia, though they are not electing new leaders in their hailed democraties and “free and fair” elections. Why is that? What devilish forces has caught the western mind. Well, go back and read what Solsjenitsyn wrote about The West. Now, The West can still change it’s course. We don’t need to wait for our leaders to change the course, the long column marching onto it’s destruction can break up. Somewhere down the line people can break away and follow another course away from destruction and death. Eventually our leaders can follow the new column. Dear God save the Old Europe.


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