“Tbilisoba” – Celebrating Capital City Day In Georgia

“Tbilisoba” - Celebrating Capital City Day In Georgia

In the country of Georgia, located in the South Caucasus, the day of the capital Tbilisi was marked for the 35th time with happy people, wine, barbecue, songs and dances. In Georgia those features form the first association with “Tbilisoba”. People are full of joy congratulating each other everywhere.. 

This year the events were organized in different parts of city. Mainly Georgian brands and products were displayed. During the day different bands performed and other entertaining activities were held. 

“Tbilisoba” - Celebrating Capital City Day In Georgia

In the end of the day a Gala Concert was held where a ceremony honoring people from Tbilisi took place. Mayor Kakha Kaladze gave a speech at the event. 

“Tbilisi is a special city with unique stories, rich culture and hospitable, warm people. This city was maintained by our ancestors with their hard work and education and also with risking their lives against their enemies. Tbilisi is the city of each of us. Our duty is to transfer it to our grandchildren in a more beautiful and more developed way,” Kaladze said. 

“Tbilisoba” - Celebrating Capital City Day In Georgia

Titles of Honorable Person of Tbilisi were given to those who spent their whole life working for the city, handling different responsibilities for taking care of cleaning activities, as well as controlling the subway and bus work. They dedicated their lives to the people of Tbilisi. As the mayor mentioned, “This city is a pedagogue, a driver, a doctor. That is why this year we honor those people who take care of the city day and night.”

“Tbilisoba” - Celebrating Capital City Day In Georgia

“Tbilisoba” has started to be marked since 1979. There was a pause only during the difficult period for the country from 1989-1994. The holiday is marked in the first week-end of October. 

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