Russia’s Kolomna – A City Escape

Russia's Kolomna - A City Escape
Church of St. Sergius, and the Epiphany Cathedral of Staro-Golutvin Monastery in Kolomna, Moscow Oblast, Russia
Image by A.Savin 

Even though Moscow is beautiful and you never have to be bored here, it is still nice to get away from the hustle & bustle of the city every now and then. Therefore, we love daytrips, because you get a change to enjoy the beautiful scenery near Moscow. Recently we visited the small town Kolomna, which we can highly recommend you to go.

The city is located about 114 km southeast of Moscow’s center, has about 150.000 inhabitants and the main attraction is the beautiful historic old city center.

By car it takes about 2 hours with normal traffic and you can park directly in front of the Kolomna Tower in a paid parking lot. From there, you walk up a small hill and arrive directly in one of the beautiful oldtown streets…

To read more visit The Moscow Times.

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