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Three Days In May, The Guillotine Heard Again In France

The Great (Second) Patriotic War

Jariasheni – A Story From A Village Occupied By Russia

Kyiv Three Years After Euromaidan…A Georgian’s View

More Balkan Trouble Brewing In An Area Famous For Mischief

The idea Of Joint Albanian State Disturbs Serbia And Angers EU

With U.S. distracted, Russia Warms To Opportunities In ‘Frozen Conflicts’

The Bitter Fruits of Globalist Communism

More Provocations From Russia To Come – Details Of Lavrov Visit To Occupied Abkhazia

South Ossetias’ Presidential Elections Condemned By Georgia, Called “Illegitimate” By U.S.

1867 – How That Fateful Year Created Imperial America And Its Arch Nemesis the Naively Isolationist Trump Voter

What’s Behind Russian-French Meetings?


Georgian-Russian Tensions Over South Ossetia Raise Again

Russia Injects Itself Into Libyan Civil War Through Egypt

As Oil Crashes, Will Ruble Go With It?

Could World War III Start In This Tiny Corner Of The Caucasus?

Bolshevism And Jews

The Arrival Of The Neo-Bolsheviks

Georgians Protest Non-Transparent Negotiations With Gazprom

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