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South Ossetias’ Presidential Elections Condemned By Georgia, Called “Illegitimate” By U.S.

1867 – How That Fateful Year Created Imperial America And Its Arch Nemesis the Naively Isolationist Trump Voter

What’s Behind Russian-French Meetings?


Georgian-Russian Tensions Over South Ossetia Raise Again

Russia Injects Itself Into Libyan Civil War Through Egypt

As Oil Crashes, Will Ruble Go With It?

Could World War III Start In This Tiny Corner Of The Caucasus?

Bolshevism And Jews

The Arrival Of The Neo-Bolsheviks

Georgians Protest Non-Transparent Negotiations With Gazprom

Belgrade-Kosovo Train’s Provocative Message

Outcome and Background Of Gazprom Georgia Talks

Israel And Russia Manage Relations Over Syria

Protesters Decry Georgia’s Attempt To Devalue Its Way To Prosperity

On The Eve Of The Bolshevik Revolution Centennial Russia Is Rewriting Global Geopolitics, Who Is Really The Enemy? Putin Or Obama?

Russia & America: The Art Of Winning & Losing Against All Odds

Mosul & Aleppo – A Tale Of Two Cities

Is Ukrainian Soil Soaked With Too Much Blood?

If We Don’t Understand Crimean History, We May Repeat It

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