Trump Should Have Shut Down The Government For Wall Funding Before The Election

It’s just like Lucy pulling the football from Charlie Brown; it happens every election – the Republicans promise Trump he’s going to get what the people voted for – funding for that big, beautiful wall. This usually comes after POTUS threatens to shut down the government to get the money allocated, but then come McConnell and Ryan, hat in hand, promising the Moon, and begging The Donald to wait until after the election to force the issue, so all the good Republicans can get elected.

Then of course, no wall funding is forthcoming.

Why The Hate, On This Thanksgiving, Let’s Celebrate The Original Intention And Unite

I for one have had enough.

This week POTUS was clear, he’d had enough too.

“Could there be a shut down? There certainly could and it will be about border security, of which the wall is a part,” Trump told reporters in Palm Beach, Florida, reported Reuters.

Trump should have shut down the government prior to the election. He should have held his ground. He wanted to, but was flimflammed by the GOP Congressional leadership, who again, wanted to stop that blue wave.

It didn’t work. The GOP lost 40 seats in the House of Representatives.

Looks like the Republican base was fed up to over the wall issue. And they stayed home, at least enough of them to lose 40 seats.

Immigration was, and is, the primary issue motivating conservatives and patriotic Americans. It is also the issue that motivates the Establishment to do what they’ve always done – keep the flow of low-cost, illegal immigrant workers coming for the globalist cabal.

The Left Wants To End America As We Know Her

We can’t be lied to any more. It’s time to shut down the government to demand funding for the wall. Those hundreds of thousands of ‘non-essential’ government workers can stay home a while with no pay. By the way, have you ever wondered why the government has hundreds of thousands of ‘non-essential’ workers? Food for thought for another column.

It’s time to take a stand. Now. Before it’s too late to save this great country from the illegal invasion.

Do it Mr. President. We’re behind you.

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