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Iran’s Cyber Campaign, And Coercive Recruitment Methods

Iran’s Cyber Campaign, And Coercive Recruitment Methods

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Regime recruits hackers by coercion

A number of Iranian IRGC-related computer hackers are currently on the FBI wanted list. Evidence is emerging, however, that some Iranian hackers, participants in Iran’s cyber sabotage operations against foreign governments, have been coerced into taking part in these operations. MECRA’s Iran correspondent investigated this issue.

‘Ali’ (not his real name) is a computer programmer and is one of the hackers on the FBI wanted list. A friend of his, in conversation with MECRA, gave the following testimony:

“Ali was forced to cooperate. They made a trap for him. Very few of his friends know that he is a homosexual. In a religious city with his religious family, it would be a major disaster for him and his family if people knew about this…

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