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Russia Builds Up Armored Forces In Crimea As Biden Mumbles

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The Russian Federation is building up armored forces on the Crimean Peninsula as the smoldering war in Donbass turns hot, two months into the Biden administration, which now looks weak in the face of Biden’s mumbling threats.

Russia, China, and Iran have announced a grand alliance to challenge American power once and for all, after China succeeded in removing the strongest leadership ever against the Chinese and Russian geopolitical agenda — Donald J. Trump.

Crimea and Ukraine look to be new theaters in this budding game of conquest theory chess.

All eyes now on the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) for the next move.

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1 comment

Steve March 31, 2021 at 4:48 am

Those are self propelled howitzers with ammo carriers and BRDM’s. There are only two reason for this.
1. Invade Southern Ukraine to secure the water canal to Crimea that has been shut off. NATO, Europe, U.S. will do nothing again.
2. Combine with and attack to the East (or buy itself) to connect with the DNR and effectively cut Ukraine off from the majority of its coastline and sea ports and ship building yards.


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