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US Ambassador John Huntsman: We Can and Must Improve Ties With Russia (Op-ed)

US Ambassador John Huntsman:  We Can and Must Improve Ties With Russia (Op-ed)
Image by Kremlin.ru

For A Better Future For Russians, Americans And The World, We Have To Begin To Find Solutions To The Common Problems

Reflecting on my first three months as U.S. Ambassador to Russia and looking forward to the prospects for 2018, I remain convinced that, not only can we improve the U.S.- Russia relationship, but we must.

A Midnight Winter Walk Down The Moscow River

We are making progress, and there is much more we can achieve by rolling up our sleeves and finding a constructive way forward. We all know that the road ahead will be a difficult one, and that the issues that have come between us are complex.

For a better future for Russians, Americans and the world, we have to begin to find solutions to the common problems that confront us around the globe. How do we get there? I think it all comes down to two things: trust and results…

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