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Hungary’s Orban: 9/11 Proved ‘Christian Civilization Is Something We Must Fight For Every Day’

Image by Presidential Press and Information Office

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Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán marked the 20th anniversary of the September 11th attacks by saying that it proved “Christian civilisation” must be defended at all times, and vowing to stop mass migration from facilitating further terror.

“Two decades after the terrorist attacks in New York, it is still with a heavy heart that we remember the thousands of innocent victims. September 11, 2001, proved that the peace and security of Christian civilization is something we must fight for every day,” said the national conservative leader in a statement received by Breitbart London.

“After these sad events 20 years ago, Hungary was one of the first countries in Europe to take on a role in the fight against terrorism, and we supported our allies in NATO operations to the best of our ability,” he continued, recalling that “The 2015 European migration crisis brought terror to Europe as well” and noting that “now, what is happening in Afghanistan is again a cause for concern for us all. The security threat level is rising, and instability in the region poses significant risks to Europe…”

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Walkin O'Shea September 16, 2021 at 8:29 pm

Mr. Orban is absolutely correct. 9/11 brought hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants into Europe sadly all sanctioned by the likes of Germany’s Merkel. Insistence on cheap labor has led to Germany’s and Europe’s downfall. You reap what you sow. Good for the President of Hungary and Poland to continue the fight to preserve a Western and Christian Civilization. Without them all will be lost.


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