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Globalist Media Lying About Hungarian COVID Rates

Globalist Media Lying About Hungarian COVID Rates

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In a July 15 report, AP reports Hungary is experiencing the highest Covid death rate in Europe.
Benjamin arrived in Budapest July 15th and found live people mobbing around with no masks and no one even mentioning Covid.

You see, Hungary’s Covid hospitals have closed up, leaving a couple of rooms open just in case a foreigner with Covid succumbs to the Delta variant which, because Hungary is sooo unsuccessful in negating, has arrived. Well, the Delta has not arrived in Hungary, but never mind…AP has arrived to tell you that I do not exist and reporting the following you’re now reading. Incidentally, they are the same AP feed the New York Times and the rest publishes who told us there were no Hamas facilities and Hamas funding Qatar’s al Jazeera in that demolished GAZA bomb factory. Only children murdered by the Israelis. Children assembling bombs to murder Israeli children?

The global media “news” about Hungary is about as reliable as the July 15th AP report proving that Hungary has the highest Covid and death rates in the world.

Wrong! Statistically HUNGARY has zero Covid deaths and one of the world’s highest vaccination rates as of the posting date, because the tyrant Orban’s now-ended Emergency Powers enabled the country to order the most vaccines in the EU – and ended Covid!

The Hungarian Parliament democratically gave Orbán emergency powers with a defined expiration date, the goals have been met, and prove the wisdom of Orbán against the hyperventilating authoritarian, not democratic, Soros-controlled European Parliament, just as Holland (we transferred at Amsterdam’s Shipol Airport the day we arrived in Covid-free Hungary), has entered the RED ZONE – highest Covid infection and death rates.  In other words, the most vociferous critics of the Hungarian prime minister and this illiberal nation – the Soros-owned New York Times and its media affiliates – are afflicted with the curse they wished on and reported about, Hungary. This is a demonstration of not Social Justice – but justice of the Poetic kind. In Budapest they’ve taken masks off store displays. If another variant comes, maybe they’ll sell them again, maybe not.

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ARG July 18, 2021 at 3:01 pm

If I may, The only problem is that these injection do not kill the virus , so the spreading can continuu .

We even can have now an injections meeting virus.


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