Oltmann Presentation At Cyber Symposium: Dominion – Serbian Technology With Chinese Characteristics

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Entrepreneur Joe Oltmann has released a report on Dominion Voting Systems in Serbia, and it’s work with the Chinese Communist Party.

Roaming Networks, a relatively unknown corporation based in Serbia run by oligarch Nenad Kovac1, was selected as the enterprise partner of Huawei (CCP) to install their technology into eastern Europe, writes Oltmann.

Dominion used the Serbian company as their software design team.

Dominion Voting Systems uses Roaming Networks, the Serbian Huawei partner: Implementation all flash Pure storage solution on primary Data Center.9 And Dominion hardware is Made In China. So how much Huawei related technology may be present in either the data center or the election equipment? And who does the testing of this Chinese sourced hardware?

You can read the entire report on the PDF tab below:

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