Opposition, Coalition Ally Slam Government For Serbian Army’s Border Patrol In Kosovo

Opposition, Coalition Ally Slam Government For Serbian Army’s Border Patrol In Kosovo

The Kosovo government has been severely criticized for its alleged lack of reaction in the case of Serbia Army patrolling the border in a joint operation with NATO’s peacekeeping mission KFOR.

On Friday afternoon at about 5 p.m., 11 soldiers were seen walking the streets of Karaceva village in Kosovo in a CCTV video recording made public. The opposition Vetevendosje party claimed they were Serbian soldiers but Kosovo police said they checked the area and didn’t come across any Serbian soldiers.

The leader of governing coalition ally AAK party, Ramush Haradinaj visited the area the next day, and called on the government not to allow such provocation from Serbia.  

The KFOR mission then threw some light on the issue, stating that it was a “synchronized” border patrol operation between the Serbian Army and NATO soldiers, a routine joint operation that have been going on since 2018.

The government reaction followed one day after the event. Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti stated that he had been informed by KFOR on the issue. 

“There is no room for panic, and no need for pompous statements and parades in the area without having an idea how the event happened,” Hoti slammed the opposition. He added he will soon receive a report on the issue but assured everyone that Kosovo borders are safe, and police will soon join KFOR’s border patrols.

Opposition Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK) blasted both KFOR and the government for allowing an act of  “serious violation of national sovereignty and security.”

“This is an open threat to the territorial integrity and security of the citizens of Kosovo. The constant provocations of the Serbian military forces in the villages along the border and within the territory of Kosovo, with KFOR knowledge, who is the responsible [entity], are unacceptable,” PDK stated.

The largest party in the country, Vetevendosje slammed Prime Minister Hoti for disregarding the violation of the country’s sovereignty.

“‘A detailed investigation and report is needed,’ says the confused prime minister, while he shows no sensitivity for the violated sovereignty, life and security of the inhabitants,” they stated.

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