US Envoy Grenell Supports Mutual Recognition Deal With Serbia, Says Kosovo Negotiator

US Envoy Grenell Supports Mutual Recognition Deal With Serbia, Says Kosovo Negotiator

US envoy Richard Grenell supports a Kosovo-Serbia dialogue that would result in mutual recognition, according to Kosovo’s negotiator Skender Hyseni.

Hyseni is conducting a visit in Washington, D.C., where he asked for the U.S. ‘s permanent seat in the dialogue facilitated by the EU. He met with Matthew Palmer, the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, and other officials.

On Wednesday, Hyseni had a phone call from Washington, D.C., with Grenell, who is in California. 

“Ambassador Grenell remains committed and closely engaged in the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue which should result in mutual recognition. The normalization of relations through economic development and the support of investment projects remain the focus of Ambassador Grenell’s agenda and commitment,” Hyseni stated.

In a last week interview, he insisted that the ongoing dialogue would soon result in an agreement for mutual recognition, despite Serbia’s denial.

Hyseni also revealed that he is focused on negotiating with international partners rather than with Serbia, and explained that Albanians should expect transparency regarding the dialogue only after his team agrees on a deal with Serbia.

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