Putin Advises Vučić In Solutions Regarding Kosovo During Moscow Visit

Putin Advises Vučić In Solutions Regarding Kosovo During Moscow Visit

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić has discussed possible solutions to Kosovo-Serbia issues with Russian President Valadimir Putin during his two-day-visit in Moscow. Putin provided Vučić with “advice and good analysis on the matter”, the Serbian President said. 

“Putin expressed his opinion in a wise way, above all by respecting Serbia’s views. Russia respects Serbia and there is no doubt about that,” Vučić told journalists in Moscow, according to Serbia’s public broadcaster.

The Serbian President added that he was grateful to Putin for his views and thoughts on the matter.

Putin confirmed his visit to Belgrade in October this year, while Vučić said that this was one of the best of their 17 meetings.

Vučić will participate in the Victory Parade commemorating the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War. The Serbian Army will also take part in the parade.

Russia and Serbia have close military cooperation, and Serbia has stated it will not join NATO.  Serbia’s closeness to Russia has been criticized by US politicians, while it has strained its EU ambitions at particular moments.

The two presidents discussed the military-technical cooperation, as well as the construction of the gas pipeline between the two countries.

Vučić’s first international visit on the second day following general elections was in Moscow. This week he will also visit Brussels, where he will meet with the highest EU officials, and then the White House in Washington, where he will sit in talks with Kosovo.   

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