Trump Administration Wants Kosovo-Serbia Deal Before September, Says American Analyst

Trump Administration Wants Kosovo-Serbia Deal Before September, Says American Analyst

The Trump administration will put pressure for a Kosovo-Serbia deal before September, so that President Trump can use it in his reelection campaign, according to professor Daniel Serwer.

He added that Trump may hold a ceremony on the occasion, at the White House Rose Garden, as promised in his letter to Presidents Hashim Thaci and Aleksandar Vucic.

“If President Thaçi is ready to hand over to Serbia a part of the territory that is populated by a Serb majority, this could happen,” Serwer told Kosovo newspaper Koha.

He added that the Hoti government will let Thaci lead the negotiations, despite the Constitution demanding the Prime Minister to take the lead.

“If the government wants a role in the dialogue, it must act in advance. For example, it may propose a resolution in Parliament opposing any granting of territory except for minor border adjustments required during demarcation. He can also demand reciprocity – whatever Serbia takes, Kosovo must also have in equal value,” Koha quoted Serwer in Albanian.

Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti has stated that it will be him to lead the Kosovo team, and that he won’t accept any border changes for the final agreement between Kosovo and Serbia.

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