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Maria Butina Denied Release From Solitary, Prompting Plea From Moscow In Alleged Russian Agent Case

Image by Pavel Starikov from Russia
Maria Butina

Russia’s commissioner for human rights asked the United States on Thursday to show mercy for jailed gun-rights advocate Maria Butina and release her from solitary confinement.

Tatyana Moskalkova made the plea shortly after a D.C. federal court judge ruled Wednesday evening against releasing Ms. Butina back into general population at a detention center in Alexandria, Virginia, where attorneys for the alleged foreign agent claim she is being arbitrarily isolated from other inmates.

DOJ Falsely Accused Maria Butina Of Offering Sex For Access To U.S. ‘Special Interest’ Organization

“It is obvious that this kind of attitude towards the person being investigated is not in accordance with the norms adopted in a civilized society, especially in the United States, which traditionally bring the topic of human rights to the fore,” said Ms. Moskalkova, 63, a former Russian legislator who was appointed the nation’s commissioner for human rights in 2016…

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