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Czech Prime Minister Says Migration Threat To European Civilization…Has To Be Stopped

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In an appearance on Czech National television, Prime Minister Andrej Babis declared that migration from North Africa and the Middle East is a ‘threat to European civilization. He suggested focusing on Libya, where there is not a stable, central government, to stem the flow. “We do not want to live in Africa,” he proclaimed.

Populist Government In Italy Vows To Work With Hungary To Stop Migration

“We must stop illegal migration. Here’s a mafia who only deals with people and oil. The operation can only be successful if we make an agreement with Libya,” reported Blesk.cz.

“It’s a struggle to keep it here. We do not want to live here in Africa or the Middle East. We have to stop it, ” said the Czech Prime Minister, who mentioned the fear of people, murders of underage girls and sexual harassment. “We have 1.5 million illegal migrants here. Our return policy is bad. The migrant does not get asylum, my lawyer, he complains, the courts …”, he sighed.

“There is not one government. Libyan Guard is very effective. We should strive to create a legitimate government with which we would make the same agreement as Turkey,

“I see illegal migration as a threat to European civilization. If they want to have more Islamic state in France, the Netherlands or Belgium than they have now, it’s their thing.”

Hungary To Drop Hammer On Illegal Immigration Enablers

“Chemnitz is around the corner,” he declared, referring to the massive protests against murders of Europeans by African migrants.

The Central European Visegrad Group of nations has been instrumental in stopping the idiotic migration policy of the EU. Now with a populist government in Austria and Italy pushing the same agenda, Visegrad leaders like Viktor Orban in Hungary and Babis see an opportunity to change the policy from Brussels. There seems to be a coordinated media campaign coming out of Visegrad capitals regarding the issue.

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