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EU Tells Macedonian Politicians To Stop Fighting And Join EU

EU Tells Macedonian Politicians To Stop Fighting And Join EU

The pot is boiling in Macedonia. After recent elections, the parties in power are unable to form a government, with George Soros affiliated NGOs, along with the socialist party, pushing for the Albanian minority to gain power in parliament, and the American State Department and EU jumping in on their side.
Russia is also keen to keep Macedonia away from the West and seems to be heavily involved in local politics as well.

Johannes Hahn, commissioner in charge of enlargement, visited the country Tuesday and tweeted: “EU path open for Skopje after last (EU summit) but clock ticking. Need statesmanship instead of tactics. Economy hurting,” reported Reuters.

“We are the hosts the guests should listen to, we are the ones that care for this country,” said Bogdan Ilievski, founder of the “For Joint Macedonia” movement that organized a rally in the capital streets during Hahn’s arrival.

Social Democrat leader Zoran Zaev attempted to bring in the 3 Albanian minority parties and form a government; however, President Gjorge Ivanov refused. The furthered use of the Albanian language caused massive protests in the streets.

Zaev met with Hahn and said, “Every day that is lost is lost for Macedonia, for all its citizens.”

Ali Ahmeti, leader of the ethnic Albanian Democratic Union for Integration (DUI) added, “The crisis should be solved by political means, and this political crisis should not be turned into an inter-ethnic crisis.”

“Everyone should be careful and invest in setting up the institutions so they can function.”

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