Billboards of national consultation on the Soros plan in Zichyújfalu, Fejér County, Hungary
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Reporting from Budapest, Hungary.

The communist party organ in Hungary, Népszava (The People’s Voice), earlier “managed” directly from Moscow, went belly up. Hyperventilating, Hillary Clinton’s DeptState, later John Kerry’s, issued stern warnings to Hungary, a nation neither she, he, Obama, nor George Soros, appreciated for not taking a knee.

The European Parliament’s and legacy media’s narrative: 

There is no judicial or press freedoms in Hungary, Hungary is an anti-gay anti-diversity Nazi state.

You’ll hear only bad news.

Actually, only lies.

BBC, CNN, NBC and similar blare  24/7 across the nation’s screens. 

What you won’t get in Hungary however, are OAN, Newsmax and FOX.  

The political class’ and legacy media’s problem? The existence of voices other than theirs.

For not taking a knee to BLM, LGBT indoctrination of other’s children, and Muslim invasions, the EP ruled Hungary in violation of “European Values” and the “Rule of Law.” 

The accusers never made it clear what European values the descendants of the Nazis now running the European Parliament, meant. “Laws” they invented on the fly over which their courts are to “rule?” 

Curiously, all the new laws target Hungary and Poland. And just as frequently, Israel.

After having dismembered Hungary in wars the grandaddy’s of these parliamentarians started, leaving 50 million and 6 million Jews dead, one might ask, what values did Europe ever have? 

What “European values” exactly, do the Hungarians, who occupy the dead center of Europe, lack?


The fathers and grandfathers of the descendants of Nazis ruling Europe now from Brussels took from Hungary: “….

– 71.5% of her land

– Transylvania and part of Bánát to Romania (31.4%)

– Southern Hungary Bácska (Vojvodina) and the rest of Bánát to Yugoslavia (19.5%)

– Northern Highlands (Slovakia) and Carpathian Ruthenia to Czechoslovakia (19.2%)

– The Burgenland region to Austria

– Other small territories to Italy and Poland

– 63% of her population, and half of the Hungarian speaking population

– Irreplaceable historical monuments, cultural artifacts, churches, and educational and cultural institutions

– 90% of her natural resources, including

– 88% of timber

– 63% of arable land

– 65% of navigable water

– 95% of water power

– Fiume, a port city which was Hungary’s only outlet to sea allowing international trade

– 56% of industrial plants

– 85% of iron

– all gold and silver mines

– all salt deposits

– Reparations had to be paid: one part by May, 1921, the rest in 66 semiannual installments.

– Hungary’s livestock and coal were given away to her successor states.

Germany lost only 13% of her land,  and Bulgaria, 8%…” 

(Hungary lost 72%).

The EU calls it “justice.” The EU’s predecessors did it because they could.

“In the process, the Allied Powers did not care that a country was dismembered and suffered losses to such extent that it was barely able to function afterward…” 

What was, was cruel, unjustified, disproportionate, and inhuman punishment against millions of innocent Hungarians.


The theft of over two thirds of a nation was not enough against this nation’s people, sovereignty, culture and territory. 

The EU and globalist media are hyperventilating because Hungary put its foot down. “Justice” will not indoctrinate Hungarians into leftie political orthodoxy and groom the nation’s innocent children into sexual-fluidity. 

What the EU’S sexually fluid pedophiles masquerading as diplomats offer Hungary’s children is not education, but child abuse!


Hungary and its prime minister are not anti-gay. Orbán fought against the communists who oppressed, tortured, abused, mocked, and incarcerated gays. Orbán has never oppressed any gay person as QUEER FRIENDLY BUDAPEST attests. 

The lying EU and US Democrats are determined to destroy the family, so that Hungary’s future workforce will not be Hungarian, but rather, Muslim, Arab and African

The reason? The EU must have concluded that Africans and Muslims invented the mRNA vaccines saving tens of millions of Europeans and Americans across the globe.

Rodney Atkinson, adviser to UK ministers:

“There has been a coup against the people of Britain and those nation-states of Europe which were liberated from Fascism in 1945 and from Communism in 1989. This has been a coup against the sovereignty of the voters, the very definition of democracy. Those who sought to destroy democratic sovereignty knew they could not succeed if they were open about their intentions. And they could not succeed if they attempted their coup within one democratic system. They therefore acted behind the democratic system and across national borders. They established in the European Union a bureaucratic corporatist state so monolithic that most can be intimidated into silence by the very size of the project, and emasculated by the necessary remoteness of the powers involved.”

After the second election of Viktor Orbán, a few of George Soros’ Central European University operations, campuses salted throughout the city, moved to Vienna, because of recently-enacted Hungarian laws: foreign universities needed to be accredited by the schools of their home countries. 

Note the identity of George Soros’ partner at CEU – the name emblazoned on some buildings of CEU. 

The current American SecState’s parents! The name is Blinken.

By 2009, the enmity was well established between the moneyed billionaire whose CEU is a brainwashing mill for malleable young minds, and Hungary’s leader. Grooming future diplomats in the Obama mold, CEU’s lemmings are enrolled, indoctrinated, organized, and then professionally trained to propagandize the world’s obedient nations into Soros’ and Obama’s worldview. That of a globalist, corporatist, open borders, Islamist and anti-Israel, and sexually fluid WOKE world led by the elites of the political class. 

During an earlier election Hungary’s pugnacious prime minister voiced his displeasure about the activities of allegedly 600 Soros’s NGOs in the capital, and 2000 throughout the nation (non-governmental organizations that incited anti-Orbán marches during the election season – and gay pride marches joined by EU diplomats just this week). Just before, the globalist media and EU went into hyper mode having accused Prime Minister Orbán and his nation of Nazism. The irony flew by the heads of progressives marinated in the intolerance and hatred of other’s ideas, but not the political operatives Soros seeded across world media. 

Allegedly it was the megalomaniac Soros himself who, unapologetically, and by his own admission, without guilt, helped the Nazis confiscate Jewish property. Later, Soros’ employers burned Hungary’s Jews alive in pits, and drowned them in the Danube. 

Budapest’s gay pride parade was a Soros-EU-organized red herring meant to topple Hungary’s popular government.

Soros’ fingers are in the globalist media’s cookie jar, in the pockets of the European court’s corrupt jurists and Parliament’s MEPs who regularly take Soros’ money

While the pretender who assumed the Obama-era presidency and his lackey Hillary were (at presumably Soros’ behest) pillorying Hungary and that nation’s very popular leader who rebuilt much of the nation’s cities and economy, the aforementioned EU grandaddies demolished in two wars, Hungary’s press remained open, free, and vital. 

“Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte was especially critical of the new legislation: “Hungary no longer has any place in the European Union.” The Dutch leader made his comments in Brussels this week while attending an EU summit. “As far as I am concerned, then there is nothing left for them in the EU,” Rutte said. “The goal is to force Hungary to its knees…” REF


After the unending attacks the left wing invented against the Hungarian leader and his nation, Hungarians still won’t take a knee in the sports arena, didn’t take a knee for the Soviet Empire, won’t kneel for Soros, or Soros’ Islamist invaders.

Instead they win repeatedly at the Olympics setting new records by beating challengers.

Atkinson: “Now that their hitherto secret aim of turning the democratic nation-states of Europe into a gigantic corporatist empire is imminent, the new dictators have grown bold. Now they can act as if the voters do not exist, for they know the voters have no power. Although the European Constitution was thrown out ….it has been reintroduced in the form of the…Lisbon Treaty, and EU governments have been intimidated into avoiding referenda of their peoples. Having blocked such referenda, the European Commission had the unmitigated gall to launch a new initiative under the heading “Debate Europe: Giving Citizens a Voice.” Ninety-five percent of the member states of the European Union denied their peoples the right to vote on the massive loss of democratic rights in the Lisbon Treaty. No wonder that according to Eurobarometer tests of public opinion, only 50% of the people of the European Union now support the European Union at all.

Hungarians, warriors, were first to push back against the Soviet Empire. They are now pushing back against the EU’s genderfluid antifamily assaults on sexual behavior and normalcy in general. Hungarians will repel Brussels’ coercion, blackmail, and tyranny meant to control what Hungarians think, say, believe, how they behave, or to what rules they agree.

Hillary, Kerry, Barack and the EU coerced the Hungarian government to fund its enemies, the communist organ Népszava, that daily assaulted the self-same government. It never occurred to these three that press freedom literally meant free of funding by government.

Consider these in the perspective of the legacy media having stolen the American election of 2020 and the silencing of the American opposition across the culture.

They are a media and political class owned and bribed by Soros and Democrat billionaires.


Hungary’s news dealers display hundreds of papers and magazines, some pro, others anti-Orbán-government. Still in existence, Népszava has gone digital too. Still, the Hungarian people have had 150 years of Islam and 44 years of communism. They want neither of these, nor the Nazi-era invented “European Values-Rule of Law” tyranny.

VIDEO – Go Full Screen: 


Orbán finds innumerable papers attacking his government…then goes his way chuckling. So much for the narratives about Hungary’s tyranny, authoritarianism, and jackbooted Nazi thugs scuttling a free press. 

The New York Times and global media lie about Hungary. Regularly.

It is what they do, because it is who they are.

The last we heard from Hungary’s leaders: promoting LGBTIQ will not happen to Hungary’s grade schoolers by transvestite and pedophile “teachers” – indoctrinators – as it is happening in the rest of Europe and the USA. 

Meanwhile, EU funding for coronavirus relief is threatened until Hungary capitulates and allows the EU’s pedophiles to groom other’s children. The Hungarian people’s. 

Problem: Hungarians never take a knee. On that note: Boy George and Barack are still persona non grata in Budapest.

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Daniel July 27, 2021 at 12:10 am

I’m just waiting for the CIA to take them out. I hope they have plenty of security.

ARG July 27, 2021 at 6:21 am

As any country, the people of this country have their sovereignty , they can decide how they want to be. Why their government needs to get emotional in the face of this international avalanche of bad international ideas ? Only because he seeks in any conversation to manifest his very old disrespect for those other people that demanded their independence from Hungary some 100 years ago. Maybe would be a good thing if Hungary would not have a manifestation so similar to that of the actual EU and actual USA and actual Russia and actual China, Iran, South Africa and suprastatals collectivists, because in all of them there exist now the same disrespect for human beings. Hungary is legal in his emigration and LGB laws if in accordance with the human rights to of not discrimination, without being in the same time bad treated 100 years ago, in the same sence in which the USA is unacceptable today while she was acceptable 100 years ago. Because the people can change, can use fraud for a time, or can be uncultured so that limited in vision.

Epaminondas July 27, 2021 at 6:26 am

You cannot use the language of the left while pretending/attempting to be a person of the right. It never works because lefty has already defined certain words. Language means something.

Steve August 1, 2021 at 12:37 am

While my sympathies certainly lie with Hungary here, as an American of Polish, Ruthenian, and Slovak heritage, I have to laugh at the notion of the “Northern Highlands.”

Chuck Lazarus August 1, 2021 at 4:52 am

Stand strong Hungarians!You decide your own lives, your own future.Not the leftist global cabal!So not Soros,not the EU.fuck them!Long live Orban!

Walkin O'Shea August 1, 2021 at 11:24 pm

Good for Hungary. Never Ever Take A Knee To Anyone Or Anything! You are your own people, you have your own destiny…No one can ever take that away from you!

Magyarországnak jó. Soha ne vigyél térdet senkinek vagy bármihez! Saját népe vagy, saját sorsod van … Ezt soha senki nem veheti el tőled!

sobalzo tridatore December 22, 2021 at 2:28 pm

It’s interesting and totally true about the EU (SSR). Actually the EU’s model is China but it is built on the USSR structure (commission = politburo).

However, ig orban is really what he pretends to be why:

1/ Was he one of the ‘young leader’ at globalist scum of the WEF klaus schwab?
2/ Why is he playing the full game of the FAKE PANDEMIC with forced muzzling, lockdowns, ‘vaccines’ (bio-waepons) and vax passports?

Who is really behind Orban?

The same who are behind soros?

rothschild, the zionists???

Otherwise he wouldn’t play the game,

smo November 14, 2023 at 10:24 pm

very good jon bro. very useful thx


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