The Left Supporting Iran Also Supports Tehran’s Ally Moscow, And Is Evidence Of Russia Hoax

The Left Supporting Iran Also Supports Tehran's Ally Russia And Is Evidence Of Russia Hoax
Image by Kremlin.ru

A dichotomy that is as plain as the nose on your face, but not often discussed in the corrupt media (for obvious reasons), is as the Left goes all out to support the murderous mullahs in Tehran, they are supporting Vladimir Putin’s Russia, the entity they tell us is behind all our problems.

This makes no sense of course; the fact is the Left’s love for reactionary, medieval Iran surpasses their Trumped-up (pardon the pun) hatred of the Russian Federation.

Russia and Iran are allies. Russia makes a great deal off of selling weapons to the Islamic Republic of Iran. They also sell civilian nuclear technology among other high-ticket items. Russia has used Iran’s Shia militias in Syria as a proxy army to fight the Islamic State and keep Syria’s President Assad in power (along with continued access to Russia’s military facilities in Syria).

Iran benefited from the Russian military expeditionary force inserted into Syria to keep Iran’s Shia ally President Hafez Assad in power, against the ‘moderate’ Islamists created by Obama’s administration.

The Left knows all this of course. This is clear evidence that the ‘progressives’ are not really worried about Russia and its supposed control of our elections. This is a foil, a hoax, in order to hurt Donald Trump, all carefully manufactured in the bowels of the FBI and Langley. Keeping the mullahs in power and bringing Islam to the West is their real and only goal.

The most interesting question however is how sincere is the Russian-Iranian bromance. It has been reported that the Kremlin is not too keen on Iranian militias controlling all of Syria now that ISIS has been for the most part eradicated. Tehran has made public statements that is does not trust the Kremlin and its close ties to Israel. The mullahs have vowed over and over again to destroy The Jewish State.

Don’t get me wrong; I am not blind to Russia’s attempted interference in our republic’s internal affairs. However, they have been doing this since the Soviet days. Ted Kennedy famously flew to Russia to conspire with the Kremlin against Ronald Reagan’s successful presidency. We dealt with the problem then and can easily deal with the problem now.

What is infinitely more dangerous to our national security is the seditious, treasonous enabling of Iranian infiltration into the US. government by the Obama administration. The hyperventilating over the killing of an Iranian terrorist general in the corrupt media and by Leftist politicians is all the evidence you need of this collusion.

We used to execute people for less.

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