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Georgian And Lithuanian Defense Ministers Discuss Further Cooperation

Lithuania Will Assist Georgia To Achieve NATO Standarts


Lithuania has been providing political support and practical assistance to the Euro-Atlantic integration of Georgia for a long time.


On April 12 Georgian and Lithuanian Defense Ministers Levan Izoria and Raimundas Karoblis addressed the security situation in the Baltic and South Caucasian regions and the reform of the countries’ armed forces.

There is one issue that is common for both of our countries – common threats. Cooperation is important in this sense, too,” Minister Karoblis said.

Minister Izoria expressed readiness of Lithuania’s special operational forces. He declared that Lithuania will support Georgia’s push to achieve NATO standards of the country’s military.


The two countries have been actively cooperating in the area of defense since signing a bilateral agreement in 2001. The main areas of military cooperation include officer training, expert-level consultations across such areas as cyber defense, logistics, finance and budget, strategic planning, protection of classified information and legal issues.

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