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Russia Reorganizes Divisions To Project Force In ‘Western’ Direction

Russian reorganizes

The Russian state news agency, TASS, quoted comments by Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu regarding the creation of three new divisions with ‘western’ power projection capability.

“I cannot but mention such an important task as the formation of three west-oriented divisions. The task is extremely important,” he said. During the final quarter of 2015, Shoigu also commented that since the beginning of 2015 about 30 units and forces had been created in the Western Military District.

TASS also highlighted Shoigu’s comments on facing the threat from the Middle Eastern region, primarily the terrorist threat.

The strategic command and staff exercises Kavkaz-2016 will show the Russian Armed Forces’ capabilities for protecting national interests in the south-western direction. “Let me speak separately about the preparations for the strategic command and staff exercises Kavkaz-2016. It is important to assess our capabilities for protecting national interests in the south-western strategic direction amid the uneasy international military and political situation.” According to Shoigu, “troops and forces should practice combat cohesion and effective actions in the mountainous terrain, considering the growth of terrorist threats in the region.” This year, “it is necessary to continue developing military cooperation with our allies and partners, first of all, within the Collective Security Treaty Organization.”

Russia reorganizes

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