Keep The Pressure On Iran

Keep The Pressure On Iran
Fiendly Mullahs
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The firing of National Security Advisor John Bolton brought the situation with the Islamic theocracy of Iran into hyper focus. A lot has happened since the Trump administration canceled the Iran ‘deal’ or the JCPOA, which was really nothing but a way for the Obama administration to funnel money to the mullahs and give them a pathway to a nuclear weapon.

It has been reported that Bolton was the architect behind the ‘maximum pressure’ campaign against the murderers in Tehran. In any event, the campaign has worked — because of the sanctions, Iran is hurting economically, and the mullahs have long been desperate for revenue.  

President Trump seems to be following a pattern, or a negotiating tactic, that he must have honed during his decades as a New York developer. It goes something like this — apply maximum pressure to make the other side desperate and uncomfortable, then when your opponent is at the breaking point, close a deal that is a win for the home team, but don’t push them over the abyss.

Trump has implemented this strategy with North Korea, and now is using it against China, and Iran.  

But this is not Iran’s first rodeo. Tehran has deceitfully dealt with many American administrations and European governments. They are masters at the game of deception.

There are other factors at play here as well, internal to Iran.

The Iranian resistance is growing in strength and the younger generations are coming on board. The blatant and selfish corruption of the Iranian Reveolutionary Guard Corp (IRCG) and the Supreme Leader is unparalleled in Iranian history.  

The people are suffering. Even the very basic availability of water has been taken away as the IRCG siphons off supplies for its vast network of industries throughout the country. It is estimated that two thirds of the Iranian economy is controlled by the IRCG.

Basic economic needs are going unfulfilled, creating rage and hatred of the Iranian leadership across the land. Protests are happening constantly in every city and town.  

In other words, civil unrest is now commonplace and puts even greater pressure on the corrupt ruling elites.  

I completely understand and agree with President Trump’s instinct to avoid at some cost another war in the Middle East. America does not have the resources or the will to fight another conflict at this moment in history.  

However, now is not the time to ease off Tehran and the mullahs. On the contrary, this is the time to turn up the economic and geopolitical pressure. The ayatollahs only respect force and power.  

America does not need to send troops to the Middle East to fight. We simply just need to support the established resistance already active in the country; they will do the heavy lifting.  

The best way to help these Iranian patriots to affect regime change and install a stable, democratic, tolerant government in Iran is to tighten the noose.

I don’t know if the Trump administration’s desire to meet with the Iranian leadership is simply a desire to show the world they are not looking for war, or if Trump and Pompeo really think they can deal with this cowardly regime.  

However, what I do know is that these killers can’t be trusted, and should not be ‘negotiated with’. They should be forced from power.  

Only then can the problem of global terror, the scourge of Shia militias across the Middle East, and even the Syrian problem be solved.  

Don’t fall for their lies Mr. President. Let tme PMOI/MEK continue to apply the internal pressure that will eventually bring down this evil government without America having to fire a shot.  

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Walkin O'Shea September 20, 2019 at 9:56 pm

I think John Bolton brought more to the table than he’s been given credit for. Yes, he was a hawk but he was the President’s hawk and he kept Iran in it’s place. Now, it’ll be interesting to see how this issue resolves itself. Perhaps we’ll see the rebirth of John Bolton in a new political body.


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