Iran Explodes In Protest Over Economic Conditions

Hundreds of people are demonstrating in the Amir-Kabir industrial (New Shapour) complex

The people of Iran have had enough with horrific economic conditions and the collapse of their currency. Demonstrations have broken out across the country.

Hundreds of people are demonstrating now in the Amir-Kabir industrial complex (Shapour) of Isfahan, central Iran, protesting skyrocketing prices and continuous power outages.

Protesters are chanting:

“Death to high prices”

“Proud bazaar merchants, support, support”

“No to Gaza, no to Lebanon, my life for Iran”

All store owners in this area have closed their shops and are on strike.

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The Amir-Kabir industrial park was established back in 1990 west of the city of Isfahan, eight kilometers outside of the city on “Khomeini” highway and Ata’olmolk Boulevard. The area is around 127 hectares in size where industrial, city and municipality workshops are located.

Updated, 1100 PM (Local Iran time) – As night settles in Iran, protests that began this afternoon continue in different cities of Iran. In Karaj, protesters have been clashing with security forces and chanting anti-regime slogans. Videos obtained from the protests show protesters are not afraid of the regime’s repressive forces and are confronting them despite heavy security presence.

Protesters chant the game is over for both factions of the regime, “reformists” and “hardliners”.

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Update: 9:00 PM local time: In Shiraz, security forces have started targeting protesters with tear gas. According to local reports, security forces have injured a young boy who had attended the protest along with his mother.

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