The Hi-Tech Traditionalist: Take God’s Side! Become A Dissident In America!

Freedom is not free and neither can it be paid for with the sacrifice of others. It must be gained by accepting limitations, obligations, and a moral code of behavior.

I have a confession to make: I care, very deeply, about what happens between two or more consenting adults in the privacy of their own bedroom. I care because God cares and, my friends, so should you. The divinely ordained prohibitions on sodomy and adultery are not qualified. They do not apply only to situations in which these sexual acts are the result of coercion, or involve minors, or are performed in public spaces. They are universal. They apply to all humans everywhere. The day that the so-called conservative movement in America bought into the “consenting adults” fallacy invented by the progressive left as a clever bit of propaganda, was the day that this movement signed its own death warrant. It was also the day when the gates of hell to the progressive America we have today started swinging open. 

All our freedoms derive from the most fundamental one that God gave us: the freedom to choose right over wrong, good over evil. It so happens though that to make that choice we must first know and second acknowledge, publicly, the difference between the two. God gave us the equipment we need to know the difference, but He also let us choose whether we want to act on that knowledge. So to be truly free, start there. Acknowledge to yourself and to those around you what is right and what is wrong. Homosexuality is wrong, heterosexuality is right. Marital sex is right, extra-marital sex is wrong. Children are good, killing them at any stage of their existence whether in or out of the womb is evil. Staying sober is right, being intoxicated is wrong.

We all make the wrong choices from time to time, but those of us who make them most of the time are not free. This is the fallacy of the “live and let live” libertarian movement; there is nothing free about having no obligations to your family, your community, your people, your country. There is no freedom in wantonness. In fact, wantonness is the opposite of freedom. It is slavery of the spirit and the body, infinitely worse than the slavery of old in which only the body was enslaved.

When wanton people make up the majority in a society, that society can no longer be free because free societies are made up of free individuals and free individuals are those and only those who incur obligations and work their entire lives to discharge them. Free people lovingly embrace their obligations to the twin entities that gave them life: God and their parents. They honor those obligations by loving and obeying God and by loving, respecting, and supporting their parents. Free people take on more obligations throughout their lives as they mature and are able to do so. They get married, they raise children, they start businesses or mentor new employees, they support members of their communities who need support and let’s face it who doesn’t from time to time? 

The America that rebelled against Britain was a free society because it was made up, in the most part, by free individuals. The America of today has much to prove in that regard. What we can demonstrably see is that the modern American society is not free. Does that mean that most Americans are enslaved? That most of us are slaves to drugs, to greed, to selfishness? That most of us have forgotten those who gave us life and thus wish to live out our lives with as few obligations as possible? Perhaps that is true, but my experience with the Soviet Union gives me hope that it may not be. 

When I was born there in 1963, the USSR was at the height of its power. Only 27 years later it was no more. In 1963, one could be well within his rights to believe that most Soviet citizens were slaves, but reality proved otherwise. There have always been a class of people there who took risks to profess the truth, to choose right over wrong. Some, like the Nobel Prize winner for Physics Andrei Sakharov and his colleague the winner for literature Alexander Solzhenitsyn took big risks and professed that truth publicly, for which they paid a very high price. Some, like my parents, professed it privately at home and with a small circle of friends. Together, they exposed the USSR for what it was, an evil and corrupt regime, a “prison of nations”, a rotting corpse, already dead long before anyone knew it.

America as it is today needs dissidents. It needs them urgently so it too can die, or rather the new fake America that grew like a poisonous fungus on the body of the old righteous one could die so that the America the founding fathers risked everything to bring into the world would live. So be a dissident. Recite to yourself, to your family, to your friends, to your church, to whomever would listen the list of those things that are right and those that are wrong. Profess that right and wrong, good and bad, are universal; they do not change their nature when done in private and neither is the communion of two or more wicked people who are choosing wrong made right because they all “freely” agree to participate in it. 

Participants in “throuples”, transvestites, transgenders, homosexuals, pedophiles, these are all wicked people who have knowingly chosen to do bad, chosen wrong over right, regardless of where, when, and with whom they practice their perversions. This truth is so self-evident, that for 90% of the time the American Republic has existed it would be hardly worth stating. Today it must be shouted from every corner, endlessly repeated at every family dinner. 

Protect yourself, my friends. My parents, may they rest in peace, have drilled into me when we still lived in the USSR that nothing I heard at home could be repeated in school or in the yard. Drill the same into your children. The enemy has long been planning this battle and they have all but won. They are very powerful and our fight will not be easy, nor will it be quick, nor is there a guarantee of a victory, be it in one battle among many or in the war itself. If our generation does not win, let’s stay alive so that the next one has its chance. 

Shut your ears to lies and open your mouth to speak the truth and by doing so you will have made the most righteous choice of all. Remember, just like in the USSR, the enemy wants you to think that you are alone, that your views are beyond the pale, that even having such views makes you mentally ill. Be comforted in the knowledge that it was a lie then and there and so is it a lie here and now. Most Americans still know deep down what is right and what is wrong, what is good and what is evil, they have just been afraid to say it and sometimes even think it. Help them and they will help you and together we will restore America. 

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Walkin O'Shea November 12, 2019 at 9:19 pm

Mr. Pletner, truer words were never spoken. Thank you.


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