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Russia Settles In For Long War With Appointment Of Economist As Defense Minister

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The Russian Federation looks to be settling in for a long fight against the West and its proxy war in Ukraine.

Whether the Russian approach will be successful or not is yet to be seen. The West is strong militarily with American support, but the will to sustain a conflict in Ukraine is weak. Western economies are fragile, and the ‘free’ populations are definitely not behind this globalist war project.

However, to paraphrase a quote – never underestimate the ability of Russian corruption to ‘f*ck things up’.

The appointment of a highly-trained economist to the defense minister position is a sign of Putin’s realization that this may be a war of attrition, instead of bluster.

The appointment Sunday of Andrei Belousov as Russia’s defense minister was highly symbolic. President Vladimir Putin’s motivations for ditching Sergei Shoigu, who is usually seen with a chestful of medals, for the blue-suited economist Belousov can likely be summed up with Talleyrand’s maxim: “War is too important to be left to the military.” Either way, it’s clear the war in Ukraine is no longer seen as a crisis, but the “new normal,” writes Russian independent news outlet The Bell.

Belousov’s task is to make the already-militarized economy more efficient. And he’s likely to be successful: he’s known as a smart economist and statesman, and several sources told The Bell he is not perceived to be deeply corrupt. 

In interviews, Belousov says the world economic order is outdated, and predicts there will be a fragmentation of global markets. He anticipates increased state involvement in economies, and trade wars that will be lost by Europe. Throughout his career, he has been seen as a “statist.” He supports a state-led industrial policy, protective trade barriers, rising taxes for business, price regulation, and state investment in the economy. However, Belousov is no fanatic, and does not want to eliminate private ownership, or ban foreigners from the economy.

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