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SOURCE: Russians May Use Tactical Nuclear Device In Ukraine In Coming Weeks

Russian Armed Forces Iskander-K TEL 9P78-1
Image by Boevaya mashina

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This story is developing…

A trusted source within the Ukrainian national security establishment told Tsarizm that the Ukrainian leadership believes Russia is planning to use a tactical nuclear device in the Ukraine war in the coming weeks, as the West prepares for it’s ‘spring offensive’ to retake Crimea and Donbass, lost to Russian forces since 2014.

Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland recently reported stated the much-discussed offensive has been in the planning stages for five months.

Tsarizm has had a reporting team on the ground in Ukraine for a decade and we have been proven right on most early reporting that we decide to print. We don’t post clickbait.

More to come on this story.

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Christian Stormark May 29, 2023 at 5:42 am

So, we’re once again led to believe, this time by nother than Nuland, the leader of the attack on Russia through Ukraine, that some great ukrainian offensive to end the war with russian defeat is coming. Now, why not go all the way to Moscow? If UVA is strong enough to beat russia’s million man army they outta be able to go all the way to Vladivostok and occupy the whole of the Russian federation.
C’mon, we know it’s all lies. They might be able to scatter some more juvenile flesh and destroy somme more useless US equip. It’s like listening to Hitler shouting from his bunker deep under the Reichstag in Berlin about his Wunderwaffen and fantasy armies. Not even if US send 101. and 82. and Poland send what are left of it’s best they wouldn’t have a chance against all the heavy equip and troops of Russia. Besides it would make NATO countries legitimate targets. Is Poland gonna go into Ukraine? Well, we’ll have to wait and see about that won’t we? Some polish generals are crazy about this, but NATO ain’t gonna follow. Poland is gonna be all alone confronting russian forces in Ukraine. That is of cause unless they can somehow trigger this NATO agreement so NATO have to help.
Who’d have believed this? that, what is it, seventy years after WW2 western forces would again be trying to cross the endless steppes of Ukraine. No one has actually really defeated Russia from the west. Nuland will say, she’s gonna be the first, sitting in her obscene DC mansion shouting about wast armies and aircrafts crossing the steppes. Is she going to experience missiles raining on DC? If they are carrying on the way they are going now it’s coming. Man, they are threatening to bomb Moscow and what not. What would happen if the american mainland gets a taste of the war they imposed on others? Is ole Joe gonna try to remember the codes? If you carry on on the road you’re following long enough you will eventually reach the goal.


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