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Second Russian Train Derailment In Two Days Indicative Of Increased Sabotage Efforts

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A string of Russian freight train derailments near the Ukrainian border in recent days appears to be indicative that what have previously been irregular sabotage attempts are increasing as the anticipated Ukrainian spring counteroffensive stalls.

According to Reuters, local sources have reported that “An explosion derailed a freight train for the second day in a row in a Russian region bordering Ukraine on Tuesday, sending both the locomotive and some cars off the tracks, authorities said.”

Bryansk governor Alexander Bogomaz confirmed the sabotage in a statement on Telegram saying, “An unidentified explosive device went off near the Snezhetskaya railway station. There were no casualties.” Bogomaz also noted that “As a result of the incident, a locomotive and several wagons of a freight train derailed.”

The second derailment on Tuesday happened southeast of the Bryansk region, which is located along the border of both Ukraine and Belarus and included 20 cars that derailed mid-evening.

On Monday, a section of railroad track was blown up in a sabotage attack that also took place in the Bryansk region but closer to the border with Ukraine.

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The train derailments are not the only cross-border attacks to occur in Bryansk, with a series of Ukrainian projectiles killing 4 people in a Russian village 10km from the border over the weekend.

In addition to the sabotage bombings of railways, Ukrainian forces, and covert operatives have also launched a series of drone attacks in recent weeks and have killed numerous high-profile Russians. There is speculation that if the Ukrainian frontline collapses there could be more covert attacks inside Russian territory as “punishment.”

Meanwhile, the Kremlin and Moscow have continuously accused both NATO and the U.S. of assisting Ukraine with such covert operations inside Russian territory.

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BKMart May 4, 2023 at 8:12 am

Sabotage, or they might have leased their railroads to American railroad companies…


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