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Some Feel Good News – Retired American Special Forces In Ukraine Rescue Children

Image by UNICEF Ukraine

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American retired Special Forces, who were caught off guard as the Russian invasion started while training Ukrainian troops in the field as contractors, have been working in-country to rescue children during the humanitarian disaster.

Several Americans rescued two children after their parents disappeared, and reunited them with their grand parents.

The following communication was received by CDMedia from people close to theses operators in Ukraine.

It’s not all bad stuff.  The two kids…didn’t know what happened to their parents, missing for a couple of days, so they took off on an 80 mile trek on their own to try to get to their grandparents. *****’s crew went out on a search and rescue Op, found them and United them with grandparents.

Earlier he told me they also helped rescue about two hundred orphans get to a train station and out of the area, under fire the whole time.  Didn’t lose a single orphan.

“One good story, we got to help evacuate several childrens hospice’s and hospitals on a train for Poland.”

“Then they bombed and stroked the f***ing station.”

“But we got two hundred kids out of the city.”

Makes you proud to be an American, which is rare these days. The professionalism, courage and compassion of the American soldier is not to be dismissed.

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