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Szijjártó Condemns Ukraine’s Oppression Of Hungarian Minority

Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó via Twitter

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With relations worsening between Hungary and the Zelensky Regime in Ukraine, Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó issued an official statement on Friday denouncing Kiev’s mistreatment of ethnic minorities, in particular the Hungarians living in the Transcarpathia region occupied by the Soviets after World War II and forcibly annexed to Ukraine.

Szijjártó declared, “Following 2015, the Ukrainians step by step, law after law, hurt and reduced the Hungarian national community’s rights. The fact is, they took from ethnic Hungarians the right to access the entire spectrum of national language education. This not only violates bilateral agreements at such a level, including even the European Union’s laws, which puts to question many of Ukraine’s declared intentions. When the war started, we put this entire question in a bracket. We didn’t forget it, we only put it in a bracket. Because we thought it was not correct to come forward with this question during a war. Then, recently, Ukraine adopted another law in connection with the national minorities, which was a law that further worsened the situation for the national minorities. And they took more rights from the national minorities.”

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Szijjártó continued his statement, saying, “Now I ask. What necessity did the Ukrainians have, that during a war, when in theory they are counting on help from their neighbors, they make such a legislation, which further hurts and further decreases the rights of the national minorities including the Hungarians? What was the need for this?”
The Hungarian Foreign Minister’s comments apply not only to the Hungarian minority in Ukraine but to other ethnic groups, especially the Romanians who suffer from the same restrictions. Unfortunately, the Romanian government has only made diplomatic protests against the new laws oppressing minorities. At the behest of NATO and EU, Bucharest has not had the courage to take a strong position to protect the Romanians suffering from oppression in Ukraine.

While Zelensky has paid lip service to European values in his public utterances for propaganda purposes and to extract support from the West, his actions domestically completely contradict the rhetoric. Thus far, the West has tolerated the extremist policies of the ultra-nationalist Zelensky regime, but as more leaders start speaking up and public opinion becomes aware of the oppression of minorities in Ukraine, the outcry may force the extremists in Kiev to change course.

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PanamaPat February 12, 2023 at 5:51 am

Hungary need to stop protesting and move against the Ukrainian NAZIS to protect their brethren intrancarpathis. Hungary should occupy and reclaim these areas immediately,and, if necessary, ask for support from the Russians.


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