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UPDATE – Russia Moves In Troops To Kazakhstan

Fuel Riots Turn Political In Kazakhstan As Government Collapses, Requests Russian Troops To Stop Color Revolution

Fuel Riots Turn Political In Kazakhstan As Government Collapses, Requests Russian Troops To Stop Color Revolution

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UPDATE 1700 EST – Russian-led CSTO alliance has decided to deploy “peacekeeping forces” to #Kazakhstan.

What started as a riot over increased fuel prices has led to the collapse of the Nazarbaev puppet government which is now calling on Russian troops to intervene to restore order.

The demonstrations turned political after the government acquiesced to some demands and devolved into looting and civil unrest in the capitol of Nursultan, previously known as Astana and other cities including Almaty. One video showed a bulldozer crashing into a bank to steal currency. Government buildings and leadership palaces were broken into and set on fire. The Almaty Airport was seized but has now been cleared according to reports.

Gun battles are now breaking out between protesters and government security forces.

The internet kill switch has been activated in-country.

Kazakhstan has requested troops from a collective security bloc – involving six former Soviet countries including Russia – to help put down a “Terrorist Threat” – reports say, reported RT.

President Tokayev has claimed the so-called revolutionaries were trained abroad and ‘thrown’ into Kazakhstan – calling it an act of aggression.

Washington also dropped in it had nothing to do with it, calling it “standard disinformation” by Russia.

President Tokayev said that he will not leave the country under any circumstances in his address to the nation Wednesday.

The Kazakh leader also told citizens:

▪️a new package of proposals will be released in the near future

▪️authorities intend to act as harshly as possible against offenders during the protests

▪️law enforcement officers have been killed during the confrontations

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Derrick Webster Ricks January 6, 2022 at 8:23 am

thousands of military aged men brought in to the country………. how many more do they need?


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