Kosovo Party Leaders To Meet with Western Ambassadors Over New Coalition Government

Kosovo Party Leaders To Meet with Western Ambassadors Over New Coalition Government

Albin Kurti and Isa Mustafa, the leaders of Vetëvendosje Movement (LVV) and Democratic League of Kosovo (LKD), will meet with the Western countries’ ambassadors and the head of the EU Delegation in Pristina, at 17:00, in an attempt to reach an agreement on a governing coalition.

LVV and LDK agreed for the meeting, and extended invitations to ambassadors of USA, UK, Italy, Germany, France and EU Delegation.

Kurti and Mustafa also met yesterday but they were not able to reach an agreement.

Prime Minister-designate Albin Kurti has only one week to form a government and get parliament’s approval, according to the constitution. LVV has 29 MPs, and LDK has 28 MPS in the 120-seat parliament.

The local media have reported that the election of LVV’s Glauk Konjufca Speaker of Parliament has resulted in stalled negotiations between the two parties. LDK claims the seat for themselves while LVV refuses to dismiss Konjufca.

The LVV has reportedly offered its potential coalition partner to lead more ministries in the Kurti government than LVV, instead of dismissing Konjufca to replace him with a LDK MP, but no agreement has been reached.

The election of Kosovo’s new president in 2021 has also become a topic of negotiation.

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