Albanian Politicians Openly Express Support For MEK Against Iranian Subterfuge

Albanian Ministers Openly Express Support For MEK Against Iranian Subterfuge
Albanian delegation at the 2019 #FreeIran Gathering Camp Ashraf 3 outside Tirana, Albania

Albanian officials confirmed support for the People’s Mujahadeen of Iran, the main Iranian resistance group hosted by the tiny Balkan country, at the 2019 #FreeIran Gathering at Camp Ashraf 3 outside of Tirana. The summit was attended by dignitaries from around the world.

“We are a welcoming people, as with did with Jews during WWII (paraphrasing), we welcome the Mujahadeen,” said Pandeli Majko, State Minister for Diaspora.

“We have our political differences internally in Albania, but we are united in the cause of protecting the Mujahadeen in Albania.”

We’d rather be remembered for people who fought for freedom with you than people who just watched terrorism and did nothing!” said Fatmir Mediu, Chairman of the Republican Party of Albania.

The Albanian government expelled the Iranian ambassador in December of last year over Iranian terrorism attempts against the MEK.

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