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US Pressures Serbia To Break Links With Russia

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During his visit to Belgrade, the American Vice Assistant-Secretary for Europe and Euro-Asia, Hojt Brian Yee, urged Serbian politicians to finally make a choice, i.e. join the US block or align with Russia. Yee said Serbia cannot sit in two chairs simultaneously.

The Serbian Foreign Minister, Ivica Dacic, a member of the left coalition, responded that Serbia will continue to hold balanced relations with all powers–the USA, EU, Russia or China. He criticised American diplomats for exercising pressure on Serbia, maintaining they will follow what is best for their national interests and not allow others to influence their future.

Until now, Belgrade has been able to hold a delicate equilibrium among various blocks regarding domestic and foreign issues. In such a way, Serbia has profited economically from all sides. According to World Bank, internal Gross Production has increased from $6.5 billion in 2000, to $38 billion in 2017.

Serbia-The Favorite Kid On The Block

Serbian Foreign Minister Dacic also referred to political pressure from the USA regarding the acknowledgement of Kosovo’s independence. He compared the issue with the Catalonia independence crisis, maintaining that if Spain could struggle for its province, why not Serbia?

The Kosovo-Serbia Relationship Enters A New Phase

He suggested finding a favourable solution through an international conference that would put an end to further polemics with Kosovo in the coming years. According to Dacic, the acknowledgement of Kosovo independence could come after the establishment of special areas for Belgrade to govern the 120,000 Serbs living in Kosovo, declaring this as the only possible and stable solution to the problem.

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