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Russia To Expand Railway Cooperation With North Korea

Russia is expanding railway cooperation with the Stalinist regime of North Korea. The Soviet Union founded the communist dictatorship now run by Kim Jong-un, so naturally economic ties would remain strong with the neighboring country. Russia and North Korea also announced the number of North Korean students studying in Russia will be increased.

Michuk Igori Vladimirovich, the deputy administrator of government-owned Russian Railways, headed a delegation that visited Pyongyang last Friday. During the visit, which concluded Monday, the two sides discussed expanding cooperation that could foster highly skilled North Korea railway manpower. After meeting with North Korea officials, the Russian delegation signed an agreement extending terms of study abroad for North Korean students from Pyongyang University of Railroad Engineering, who can enroll at Far Eastern Federal University in Khabarovsk, reported UPI.

Russia will also provide education to North Korean railroad experts at Russian educational facilities. North Korea will pay for the training of its students. Vladimirovich said there are currently 24 North Korean students studying rail engineering and transportation in Russia. “They will contribute greatly to the development of cooperation between the two railway systems,” the Russian official said.

The Rajin-Hasan Railway connects the two countries. It was renovated twice during the last two decades but was suspended at times due to tensions on the Korean Peninsula. It was built to provide Russian coal to the regime. Russia also provides fuel to the North Korean government.

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