How American Universities In Ukraine Are Used To Develop A Secret Agenda

How American Universities In Ukraine Are Used By Americans To Develop A Secret Agenda
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KYIV – Our attention caught recent news that Daniel Rice, a West Point graduate, has been appointed as a President of the American University in Kyiv.

Why has this article caught our attention? We are observing a trend when American politicians travel to Ukraine and meet with our universities.

Here is a list of American universities in Ukraine:

  1. Kyiv School of Economics
  2. Ukrainian Catholic University – Lviv Business School
  3. American University in Kyiv
  4. Concordia Ukrainian American University 

There are several other universities that have established partnerships with US foundations. More specifically, we would like to mention Kyiv Mohyla University. Another mention is about an American University from Georgia (country) “Georgian American University”, a startup that was led by the former minister of Education from Georgia (see later in the article).

All these universities have been formed with the help of organizations from the USA. 

For example, Kyiv School of Economics was formed as a spin-off from Kyiv Mohyla University EERC – an economic research consortium by a group of PhDs educated in the USA, who obtained financing from the Eurasia Foundations, Soros’ Renaissance foundation and affiliated institutions.

Ukrainian Catholic University was formed based on the financing from circles of Ukrainian American immigrants from the USA. 

American University in Kyiv – AUK, was formed based on the idea and pitch from an Ukrainian-American PhD to former US government employees and the Embassy of the USA in Ukraine. Kurt Volker was one of the people associated with the start-up. Now, you see in the news that Daniel Rice was appointed as a President of the AUk in Kyiv. It was rumored many years ago that some people from the Biden’s circle have provided financing for the start-up.

Concordia Ukrainian American University is a partnership between Dragomanov University and Concordia University. This university is not affiliated to any governmental groups, neither the start-up of this university was connected to financing with any governmental employee or political group.

The fifth University we would like to describe is a Ukrainian university called Kyiv Mohyla University, but it’s very much influenced by the Americans through Kyiv Mohyla University Foundations, Ukrainian Foundations and connections to Ambassador Michael McFaul.

Why are Ukrainian universities interesting for American political figures?

The answer may not seem obvious to you. In addition to providing educational services, the American universities in Kyiv serve several not so obvious purposes:

  1. Beachheads for political studies, political research and, hence, political influence
  2. Center for socio-economic research, local observation
  3. Center for social influence on new generation of students
  4. Cover-up for secret plans and meetings under the “educational” disguise for agents of various organizations

We would like to point attention to close ties of Ambassador Michael McFaul to the Kyiv Mohyla University and the Kyiv Mohyla Foundation and the Kyiv School of Economics. McFaul was instrumental in influencing revolutions in Ukraine. The Kyiv School of Economics was organized based on financing from the Eurasia Foundation, Soros’ Renaissance foundation and affiliated institutions. Ironically, the university tried to hide its origins to Soros, Renaissance and Oligarch Pinchuk for many years since the beginning of the work. Only in recent years, did Kyiv School of Economics put the names of Renaissance foundation and other donors onto the wall and stopped hiding the donors. Nevertheless, the Kyiv School of Economics is hiding its activities in socio-economic work and political studies in a secret manner and disguising its activities with governmental employees in Ukraine.

Daniel Rice came to Ukraine during the war in 2020, was appointed a non-executive advisor to the Chief Commander of the Ukrainian Army. Later in 2023 he was appointed President of AUK. We would like to ask — what brought a former West Point graduate to Kyiv? Why was a military-affiliated American appointed President of the University? What are the sources of financing for this American University in Kyiv?

We would like to point your attention that the current composition of the American University in Kyiv consists of US government affiliated assignees (Kurt Volker, Daniel Rice), proxies of Ukrainian oligarchs (oligarchs Butkevich, Akhmetov), assignees from Georgia (country) and Georgian leftist-liberal dissident professor Mamuka Tsereteli



We observe that American universities have been organized in Western and Eastern European countries, the former Soviet Union, as a way not only to bring American education, but also to disguise a political agenda, political socio-economic plans for change. The American universities are used as places for meetings of political figures, government affiliated figures, and, we dare to say secret service agenda meetings disguised under educational and university curtains. We would like to ask how American government employees do educational business (which is a business if you take money from students), but partner with corrupted Ukrainian oligarchs who want to appear “more democratic” to the USA affiliated figures if they (Ukrainian oligarchs, like Pinchuk, Akhmetov) provide money for the US affiliated universities trying to clean their money and clean their corrupted history. 

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