Russia Is Shelling Ukraine With Missiles Ukraine Handed Over To Russia For Gas Debt

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KYIV – We continue our series of article about Ukraine with this article about gas. Just yesterday some news caught our attention on Ukraine.

Russia is shelling Ukraine with missiles that Kyiv handed over to Moscow for gas debts in the late 90s


  1. Ukraine’s government went through series of defaults from 1991 and is currently in default. Ukraine’s government relied on external financing from 1991. L type crisis with very long L going down. 
  2. Ukraine’s government relied on a nuclear power station that would supply roughly 50%+ of electricity, coal powered stations and gas powered stations. All metallurgical steel manufacturing work facilities would work on gas and coal. 
  3. In recent years, the manufacturing facilities of metallurgical enterprises tried to implement programs switching from gas to coal, but certain technological processes still require gas.
  4. Chemical enterprises in Ukraine still use gas for chemical processes
  5. Power stations still use gas and coal for energy generation.
  6. Households still use gas for private heating and food cooking
  7. Total consumption is 26.788 bln cubic meters. Population consumes ~8 bln cubic meters, Industrial consumer: 11.2 bln cubic meters, power and heat generating facilities consume 6.3 bln cubic meters of gas. (Source: Operator of Gas Pipelines of Ukraine).

Source: https://www.epravda.com.ua/rus/news/2022/01/14/681457/


  1. All industrial enterprises (metals, power stations, agricultural and chemical factories) have been privatized through a series of criminal transactions that involved government officials, former KGB and SBU agents, local Ukrainian and Russian mafia and oligarchy.
  2. The industrial enteprises consume around 18 bln cubic meters of gas per year. That’s 67-68% of the total consumption of gas. Local supply of gas is around 9 bln cubic meters – that is gas produced locally in Ukraine
  3. Industrial enterprises owned by oligarchs and mafia utilize a series of shell companies to trade gas and buy gas for industrial processes. The gas is bought from state and private gas producers. The mark-ups reach 1000-2000% or even more in some cases. But! When the industrial enterprises buy for their own production they keep the prices down as minimal.
  4. The sector of gas trading is kept in secret and confidentiality with collusion treaties with local government officials, SBU and ministries. 
  5. The ministries of energy, ecology and finance are well aware of the situation. They play the game letting the oligarchs take what’s needed.
  6. The puppets in the ministries are placed by the oligarchs. Each puppet in the government is paid a salary in the envelope and is obliged to pay back on the salary to the oligarch that placed him/her into the government. 
  7. The main and the most corrupt gas company in Ukraine is Naftogas corporation. The only purpose of Naftogas was an Export of gas from Russia and money laundering the gas and revenue sources from this company. The company is under control of Ukrainian organized crime family groups, oligarch Kolomoiskiy and several US influencers in the board of directors of this company.
  8. Ukrainian government decided not to buy gas from Russia and buy the gas in the scheme invented called: Reverse Gas pipeline.
  9. Does the reverse-gas pipeline from the EU to Ukraine exist? Read below

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  1. Do Ukrainians as a population steal gas as Putin said once? Answer: no. Population is not able to steal. There are gas counters on each gas pipe in each household.
  2. Do industrial enterprises steal gas that is produced in Ukraine and is imported from Russia? Answer: yes. How? 1) Blatant connection and blatant brutal pipeline assault and thievery of gas 2) Series of elaborate accounting and trading frauds using collision with government officials, reverse-back and forth trading, shell trading, predatory trading, mark-up trading, etc. 
  3. Is the government of Ukraine aware of the problems? Answer: yes. They participate in gas frauds. 
  4. Is the governments or agencies from abroad aware of the problems? Answer: yes. Some people participate in gas frauds.
  5. Does the reverse-gas pipeline from the EU to Ukraine exist? Answer: no. It’s a gas that comes from Russia through Ukraine but Ukrainian government pays for this gas to trading companies that are virtually on the border of Ukraine and the EU. Thus, a special mark-up is cut (margin) on the border. The traders are classified and guarded.
  6. Is Russia bombing the gas pipeline in Ukraine that supplies natural gas from Russia? Answer: no. 
  7. Has Ukrainian government stopped importing gas from Russia? Answer: no

Conclusions based on the news below:

  1. Pustovoitenko is a total incompetent prime minister that signed an agreement to pass 11 strategic bombers and 575 cruise missiles to Russia for the gas debt of 275 mln UAH in 1999.
  2. 1999 was a year of default of Ukraine, when UAH devalued from 2 UAH/1 USD to 3.9 UAH per 1 USD. 
  3. The estimated value of 11 strategic bombers is in the range of USD 5 bln to 11 bln, the value of 575 cruise missiles is in the range of USD 115 mln to USD 500 mln. 
  4. UAH 275 mln in 1999 is USD 70 mln. Thus, Ukraine paid up USD 11 bln for a debt of USD 70 mln.
  5. Valeriy Pustovoitenko, a former prime minister of Ukraine in 1999, is a… here are the options to choose: 1) criminal 2) useful idiot 3) a victim of collision and events
  6. We regret to arrive to conclusion that President Kuchma ordered Mr. Pustovoitenko to sign that agreement. Such agreements with Russia are not signed without knowledge of Presidents of both Ukraine and Russia
  7. We arrive to conclusions that this particular event described in the news below is a series of collision between criminal Ukrainian government officials and criminal Russian government officials.
  8. We arrive to conclusion that the gas scheme with import-export of Russian gas to Ukraine and through Ukraine is a current criminal activity, and is a current collision between criminal Russian, Ukrainian, European legal entities under supervision and monitoring of organizations from the UK, Brussels, and the USA.

Russia is shelling Ukraine with missiles that Kyiv handed over to Moscow for gas debts in the late 90s

Russia is shelling Ukraine with missiles that Kyiv handed over to Moscow for gas debts in the late 90s – “Schemes (https://www.radiosvoboda.org/a/news-skhemy-rosia-rakety-hazovi-borhy/32532950.html)”

Journalists searched in the archives for an agreement between the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine headed by Valery Pustovoytenko and the government of the Russian Federation under the leadership of Putin, signed in Yalta in 1999.

Kyiv transferred to Moscow eight Tu-160 and three Tu-95MS heavy bombers, as well as 575 Kh-55 cruise missiles. For this, Russia compensated Ukraine for the debt for Russian gas – in the amount of 275 million hryvnias.

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