To Mask Biden Being Controlled By Beijing And The Coming Invasion Of Taiwan, Corrupt Media Moves To An Old Favorite – Russia, Russia, Russia

To Mask Biden Being Controlled By Beijing And The Coming Invasion Of Taiwan, Corrupt Media Moves To An Old Favorite - Russia, Russia, Russia
Unidentified gunmen on patrol at Simferopol Airport in Ukraine’s Crimea peninsula

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As the Biden administration’s political capital implodes to catastrophic levels, the corrupt, corporate media is launching a diversion, naming an old nemesis of the new Western oligarch Deep State as enemy number one — wait for it…Russia, Russia, Russia.

Let’s just recap the last few months of Biden betrayals — kow towing to Beijing, turning over Afghanistan to Beijing, destroying the American dollar and the U.S. economy, an invasion on the southern border, the destruction of U.S. military readiness by vaccine mandates…we could go on all day long.

To be clear, Russia is a clever and dangerous adversary, but they are not an existential threat at this time in history, that honor belongs to the Chines Communist Party who has committed acts of war against this nation over the last two years, including biological warfare.

A Russian invasion of Ukraine seems to be the new ‘narrative de jour’ as the corrupt media attempts to take America’s eye off the CCP ball.

The Kremlin has massed a large number of troops in the annexed Crimean peninsula and it is possible they could use Biden weakness to take back territory last from the breakup of the Soviet Union.

However, this would be extremely costly to the Kremlin as Ukraine has built up a robust defense capability over the last decade.

In any event, when looking at the national security of the United States, the loss of Taiwan, with its plethora of high technology chip manufacturing for Western economies, and a strategic choke point for maintaining freedom of international trade, would a far worse blow to America than the loss of Kyiv.

But Taiwan is not on the corporate media front pages — Ukraine is.

Russian financial markets reacted negatively on the possibility of military conflict today.

Talk of a possible military confrontation between Russia and Ukraine has escalated in recent days, with Bloomberg reporting that U.S. intelligence has warned European allies a Russian invasion “on a scale far greater than seven years ago” could be “imminent,” wrote The Moscow Times.

Traders are also mulling the potential for a new round of sanctions against Russia. Over the weekend, the chair of the powerful U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee proposed a legislative amendment that could see strict new financial sanctions levied against Moscow.

A coordinated effort is noticeabley being waged on Western propaganda outlets of the oligarchy to hype a possible Russian conflict.

Hopefully, CDMedia readers won’t fall for this ruse.

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Andrew November 25, 2021 at 11:48 pm

Watch Trevor Loudon video talks on Rumble.

Groundcrew November 26, 2021 at 5:49 pm

Absolutely spot on!

If anything policies have forced Russia to be more cooperative with China, because of our insane narratives about Russia…

Russia, who allows Bibles in public schools, who does not allow abortions, who has laws against sodomy.

Non of which AmeriKa has right now.

Dumb as shit November 28, 2021 at 1:02 am

Watch on a right wing false news outlet? Oh,ok,lol


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