What Iranians Hope For, As First Wave Of US Sanctions Hit

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Sanctions look to be in place for August 6 and that is what’s driving the Iranian regime crazy, causing it to sound off about manoeuvers in the Persian Gulf. The bulk of the regime’s response however was acted out on Twitter. It also seems the regime possibly wants to try and keep the US occupied by launching a naval operation.

The Seven-Headed Dragon Of The Mafia Government In Iran

Iran’s mainstream media has picked up the idiom of a ‘sinking ship,’ which expresses the feeling of certain officials towards the government. So Rouhani and Zarif’s outward belligerence is actually a cover-up of the real story at home.

Hassan Rouhani, the Iranian president, told America it would ‘regret’ what was said regarding Iran and that “closing the Strait of Hormuz is easy and we have many other options on which strait to close.” Major General of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Qasem Soleimani, rushed to kiss his hands, perhaps to cheer him up and assure the troops there’s nothing to worry about. Soleimani is now the tough guy fighting on the front lines against the US President.

On Monday Iran will have to wake up to the reality that it can no longer trade gold or precious metals. It can no longer supply or transfer graphite, aluminum, steel or coal. As for the rial, Iran’s vanished currency, what was predicted to happen has already run its course.

The protests filling the streets of Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Mashhad, Arak, Karaj, and Ahwaz are all the proof anyone needs to believe the people are going to throw the mullahs out. Since March, reports from Baluchistan, Isfahan and Khuzestan began to inform the world that the Iranian people don’t even have drinking water, let alone think of going nuclear. Water and electricity shortages brought the people to the streets, even in the capital, and in Khorramshahr – a city close to the Iraq border – people found clean water being delivered to Iraq free of charge.

Obama’s Worst Nightmare Is Coming True

Protesters make the message clear – Death to Dictators

This caused trouble for Iran’s officials and they have had to tell Iraq the party’s over! So now Iraq is making deals with the Saudi’s to get water. It’s never been the people’s desire to be a nuclear country, but they have been used as a pretext by the governing clerics. Some families in Iran don’t remember the last time they ate meat or went out for a summer holiday. Most say horror and nightmare is what remains of the 40 years of Islamic power. War ruined cities like Khorramshahr find it hard to smile again.

So, are the sanctions actually going to help the people of Iran get rid of this monster?  The US wants to stop the Iranian regime’s malignant behavior, not to hurt Iranians. It’s kind of two ends of a shared line, Iranian protesters call for the death of dictators and make it clear their lives are going to be given for Iran and not Gaza-Yemen-Lebanon. Then Mike Pompeo, US Secretary of State, puts out demands for the regime to take steps to stop enriching uranium and to halt support for militant groups.

The mafias running the current economy in Iran will be faced with a great challenge after Monday, not that it’s been all easy these past few months! Bad news for the Iranian leader’s offspring enjoying themselves in foreign countries like Venezuela and Canada, while families in Mashhad dig out what’s possible to eat from dumps; the sanctions are on to the automotive sector too, where they’ve been able to embezzle thousands, if not millions, worth of pocket money.

The part of the government feeding on big industrial markets has to make new plans for itself from now on and those running commercial complexes around the Middle East should think of a rescue exit. According to News Blaze Ali Ansari is a multi-millionaire who owns the biggest Iranian furniture market in the region.
Even Europe has started to deal with Iran differently, plant and steelmakers in particular, are watching over the ‘minerals trade’ sanctions on Iran. Many of the bigfirms won’t be able to go fishing in Iran any longer. Germany was wise to shut the doors of its central bank on Iran amid the first waves of the US sanctions. Apparently, Iran has masses of cash stuck in Hamburg now.

Iranians have the capacity and will for Iran to be a democratic nation. Now that they have been given the chance, it’s only a matter of time that stands between them and the clergy currently holding the strings of power and control, but their grip is loosening by the day.

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