Joe Biden

Pink Floyd Founder Tells UN Security Council To Give Peace A Chance

Speaking on behalf of the international anti-war movement, Waters declared, “From the four billion or so brothers and sisters in this voiceless majority, who together with the millions in the international anti-war movement represent a huge constituency: enough is enough. We demand change. President Biden, President Putin, President Zelenskyy, USA, NATO, Russia, the EU, all of you, please change course now. Agree to a cease-fire in Ukraine today.”

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Snowden Weighs In Again On Biden Classified Document Scandal

When one Twitter user tried to claim there was a difference between Biden’s and Snowden’s handling of classified material, saying Snowden took documents intentionally, while Biden did so inadvertently, Snowden quipped, “Yes, and one day you will accept that so did he. One does not ‘accidentally’ hide little stashes of classified documents in basically every location they’ve ever visited unless they are either bending the rules or a particularly acquisitive raccoon.”

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