Iranian Protests Reach Critical Mass...Rolling Developments
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Videos: Iranian Protests Reach Critical Mass…Rolling Developments

A young man shouting high cost of living, inflation are the calamity for people

The people of Isfahan rallied to protest against the Iranian regime’s corruption and the declining economic situation for the second consecutive day on Wednesday, August 1, according to the network of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK). The number of protesters in Isfahan has reached in thousands.

The Seven-Headed Dragon Of The Mafia Government In Iran

Protests continue to rage in Shapur Jadid, Isfahan. Security forces have tried to control the situation by firing tear gas at protesters. The protesters have set tires ablaze to counter the effects of tear gas and the protests continue. The Iranian regime’s repressive forces are reluctant to directly clash with protesters and are keeping their distance.

During the second consecutive day of protests against economic woes and the dictatorship of the Iranian regime, demonstrators clashed with security forces. The regime has dispatched special forces to quell the unrests, but hasn’t been able to control the situation.

Scores of cities across Iran including Isfahan, Shiraz, Karaj, and Tabriz were scenes of anti-regime protests yesterday.


Anti-government protests resumed in Karaj for the second night. Protesters chanted “down with the dictator”, “Guns, tanks, the mullahs should get lost”. The security forces charged at the protesters but they held firm and repulsed the charge. The anti-riot forces retreated and ran away. The protesters set police motorbikes on fire.


People, especially the youth of Karaj, northwest of Tehran are pouring into the streets on Wednesday, August 1st to demonstrate for the second night. The protesters chanted ‘death to the dictator’ and ‘Guns Tanks, fireworks, the mullahs must get lost.’

9:00 PM CET: According to local reports, protesters in Karaj set fire on a police vehicle while confronting the repressive forces of the Iranian regime. Security forces fired bird shots but failed to disperse the protesters. The protests of Karaj have continued well into the night despite the heavy security presence.

7:00 PM CET: Anti-regime demonstrations erupted in Gohardasht, Karaj, 50 kilometers west of Tehran, for the second consecutive day. Protesters chanted slogans against the entirety of the Iranian regime, including “death to the dictator,” “Mullahs must get lost” and “Rise Iranians and show your pride.” Like many other cities in Iran, the protesters have taken to the streets out of frustration from economic woes, the plunging value of the national currency and the widespread corruption of the ruling regime.

Iran Explodes In Protest Over Economic Conditions

Among the slogans, the protesters chanted was “our money has been spent on the bassijis.” Bassij is the Iranian regime’s paramilitary forces that suppress dissidents and meddle in the people’s lives. Demonstrators are also called out the regime for its mismanagement of the country’s economy, which has resulted in high inflation rates and unemployment.

The regime dispatch anti-riot police forces to disperse protesters and regain control of the streets. But protesters confronted the police and clashes ensued. According to local reports and video obtained from the scene, protesters set fire on a motorcycle belonging to security forces.

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