The Hi-Tech Traditionalist…Putin: Stalin or Lincoln

Putin’s First Real Challenge To Trump

HAWK High Power Illuminating Radar

Putin’s First Real Challenge to Trump: Why Russia’s vow to illuminate all Coalition aircraft west of the Euphrates is a dangerous escalation for global security

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Opinion: The Time Is Right For A Deal With Russia

The Hi-Tech Traditionalist: The Free Speech Hoax

Russia Plays A Double Game In Tense Korean Crisis

The Hi-Tech Traditionalist: The Sublimation of Western Masculinity by Islam

The Hi-Tech Traditionalist: The Church Of Climate Change

Putin Takes An Orthodox Route To Cement Power

The Hi-Tech Traditionalist: Why Judicial Activism Is Enemy Number One For Western Democracies

Russophobia Is About Blocking Trump Agenda

The Hi-Tech Traditionalist: Are We Going To Be Replaced By Robots? (Part II) Intelligence On How Not Be

EU Deepens Its Own Crisis With Attacks On Hungary, Poland

Introducing A New Column, ‘The Hi-Tech Traditionalist’ – Are We Going to Be Replaced by Robots (Part I)?

Opinion: Anti-Russian Hysteria Is Both Dumb and Dangerous

Opinion: A Change In The Weather Brings A Chill To Russia’s Ambitions

Three Days In May, The Guillotine Heard Again In France

The Great (Second) Patriotic War

More Balkan Trouble Brewing In An Area Famous For Mischief

With U.S. distracted, Russia Warms To Opportunities In ‘Frozen Conflicts’

Putin To Consolidate Power Over Georgia’s South Ossetia

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